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Recent research has shown that abortion quality is measured in varied and sometimes contradictory ways, and researchers have called for agreement on common measures as a key way to monitor and improve quality. In May 2017, M4M, Ipas, and Ibis hosted the “Advancing measurement of abortion quality” to develop consensus on how to advance a measure of abortion service quality.

Our collective goal is to facilitate the development and widespread adoption of a standard client-centered metric of abortion quality of care that is actionable, simple, and valid. The primary audience for the metrics includes institutions, programs, or groups that provide abortions, with a secondary audience of government leaders, policymakers, and advocacy groups.M4M, Ibis, and Ipas will lead the effort to align existing abortion service quality indicators and develop valid, actionable, and applied indicators of client-centered quality, which will result in our target metric. We will advance this goal through collaborative work with members of the Resource Group, or other organizations identified as key to supporting this work