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In 2006, a groundbreaking research consultation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia launched a decade of policy-relevant research and evidence-based program and policy development on a largely neglected topic: unsafe abortion and its detrimental impact on African women’s health and rights. Ipas, the Guttmacher Institute, and the African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) now propose a second consultation, ten years after the first, to celebrate progress in abortion research for policy and practice change and to address remaining compelling needs. Building on momentum generated by the prior conference and resulting advances in abortion research and policy action, the 2016 consultation will provide a dynamic forum to:

• share results, experiences and successes from the past decade;

• engage key African stakeholders in defining a priority research agenda for 2016-26, addressing longstanding as well as new and emerging topics;

• mobilize interest and resources to support that agenda; and

• build capacity for research and the effective use of research findings in the changing African environment.

Hosted by Ipas SRHR Forum